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Martin Baker, Twenty Hungary Years

Martin Baker, Twenty Hungary Years

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Martin Baker was born in 1960 in Cambridge. His habit of being critical of his environment, even of the greatly admired professors and students of his hometown, was already formed when he was young. Later, after graduating from Leeds University his spirit of adventure drove him through almost the whole world from South America to Moscow. During his journeys, reserving his personal vision of a spectator, he tried to understand the peoples and cultures of the different countries he visited. His experiences are preserved in many of his pictures. He came to Hungary at the time of the political changes and giving up his former way of life he founded a family and settled down. From a cosmopolitan point of view did he manage to follow how the country awoke from its decades long isolation. Because of his controversial situation, he often experienced amusing, even absurd moments. His stories are mostly based on these experiences. 

  • Kiadás éve: 2016
  • Terjedelem: 192 oldal
  • Kötés: kartonált füllel
  • Formátum: A/5
  • ISBN 978-963-506-989-7