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Gender, Memory and Jewish Women in Contemporary Europe

Gender, Memory and Jewish Women in Contemporary Europe

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The essays in this collection grew out of the conference “Diversities – Bet Debora in Budapest – 4th Conference of the European Jewish Women, Activists, Academics, and Rabbis” held at the Central European University, Budapest. The authors are academics and activists from Israel, the United States, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France. They offer insights into how European Jewish women negotiate everyday situations in a historical perspective between religion and modernity, orthodoxy and employment, political engagement and religious laws. The various essays analyse the factors shaping the gendered memory of Ms. Meller, Fanny von Arnstein, Hilde Spiel, Edit Jelena Kon, Manya Wilbushewitz Shohat, Johanna Bischitz, Ilka Gedő and the first generation of Hungarian feminists and female psychoanalysts. The book is essential reading for academics and students of Jewish Studies, History and Gender Studies.

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  • Kiadás éve: 2007
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  • ISSN 1586-3344
  • ISBN 978-963-506-742-8